Things You Can Try To Do To Protect Your Hillside Landscaping From Erosion

If you live in a hilly area, you may want to keep the hillsides around your property but reducing the erosion is critical. You can use some erosion control methods to slow the effects of erosion and preserve your hillside landscape looking beautiful and staying on the hill, not in a pile at the base. 

Mechanical Erosion

Mechanical erosion results from water moving the top layer of soil from the hill near your home. Typically water running down the hill has the most significant impact on the ground, so redirecting that runoff can significantly reduce the erosion issue. An erosion control contractor can help you assess the hill, develop a plan that will work for your situation, and implement the system when you are ready. 

You may want to consider adding drains at the top of the slop that allows water to run into them and then carry it away from the hill in pipes under the soil to ensure it doesn't wash anything down the slope. You need to have several drains or a drain trench at the top of the hill for this to work. The pipes need to run away from the sloped area and into a place that can safely handle the water, like a river, storm drain, or location where the soil is filled with gravel that will allow the water to leach into the ground safely.

Nets, Cables, And Retention

Another erosion control technique that is commonly used with some success is to place a strong wire or cable net over the face of the hill and secure it at the top, bottom, and sides of the slope. The wire or metal fabric mesh will help retain the soil and make it difficult for it to wash down the hill. 

In some cases, planting more grass and vegetation with solid root systems over the mesh helps to tie the entire system together and create a strong topsoil layer on the slope. There are also retention systems that use plastic mesh on the surface and are cheaper to use and lightweight, so they are easy to work with. Plastic retention systems can offer highly effective erosion control that is often more affordable for homeowners. 

In situations where the erosion is extreme, you may need to combine several techniques to remove the water from the hill and retain the soil simultaneously. A retaining wall may become the only way to keep the soil on the hill, but talk with an erosion control expert if you have a difficult situation because they may have some additional tools and techniques to address the erosion on your property better. 

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