A Look At The Values Of A City-Owned Vacuum Truck

Vacuum trucks are equipped with exceptionally powerful vacuum systems and tanks to house either liquid or solid debris. While many associate these industrial vehicles with specific contractors and companies, investing in a vacuum truck for your city maintenance purposes can be a really good idea. Just like dump trucks for hauling salt in the winter and boom trucks for tending to high-height issues around town, vacuum trucks can serve good purposes. Take a look at just a few of the ways these industrial trucks can be a valuable addition to your collection of municipal maintenance equipment.

Handle spill response in the most effective way possible. 

In the event a spill within your city limits causes an imminent risk to residents, drivers, or others, a vacuum truck can be exceptionally valuable for your city to have tucked away and ready for use. For instance, if a hazardous material truck has an accident on a local highway, you can dispatch the vacuum truck to assist with the clean up of the mess in the area to avoid any prolonged exposure to the chemicals. Spill response times will be efficiently handled so you can ensure the safety of your local residents.

Tend to issues with flooding during periods of high rain. 

Flooding can be problematic in some areas, and often the local officials can only wait for the water to subside and tend to whatever damage has ensued. If your city has a vacuum truck, it can be dispatched when waters start to rise so you can potentially prevent floodwaters from entering certain areas. These trucks are often equipped with tanks that hold hundreds of gallons of fluid. Having the ability to displace that much water in a short amount of time with a vacuum system can be really valuable during high-water situations. 

Keep local storm drains adequately cleaned without having to hire a third-party. 

Storm drains are obviously important features of your city; they wick away water during periods of heavy rain. However, when water enters these drains, so does any debris that may be hanging around the area. Therefore, these vital drains can become clogged with debris relatively quickly, and the problem can be ongoing. Normally, city municipalities have to rely on a third-party for storm drain cleaning periodically. If you have your own vacuum truck, you can dispatch the vehicle with your own city employees to get the problems handled in a more timely manner. 

Contact a company that provides vacuum trucks for more information. 

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